3 Fun Dates That Aren't Movies or Eating Out

ALove date night but keep resorting to the local cinema or your favourite restaurant? How about surprising the partner with something a little more adventurous?

Thanks to this reddit thread, we've got some ideas for you...

Go Kayaking On The Port River!

It's actually a lot easier than it looks (it's basically impossible to capsise the kayak), and you get to see a lot of old shipwrecks AND dolphins!

Try Archery!

You don't really have to be athletic - you just need a half decent arm and a couple of Game of Thones episodes under your belt. And there's nothing better than a date with a bit of competition!

Go For A Walk!

There's some amazing walks in South Australia - just pick one that suits your fitness level! It could be as simple as a walk around the Torrens, a brutal Mount Lofty climb, or this picturesque walk along Kings Beach! 

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