Spring Weather Finally Hits Adelaide

We can finally expect some warmer weather today after battling strong winds and rain last week.

The Bureau's predicting a top of 28 in the City and up to 38 in the far north-west of the State.


It's hoped the clearer conditions will help dry-out soaked parks and land around our waterways.

With the weather going from very wet to warm temps, the next threat to South Aussies is mozzies.

Our State becomes the perfect breeding ground for them bringing with it the risk of Ross River virus.

To prevent outbreaks ensure yards are clean of water as much as possible.

Local councils will also be getting help from Health Department staff to identify and control mosquito breeding.

While authorities have been forced to issue another warning not to enter floodwaters.

Three embarrassed kayakers have been rescued in the Adelaide Hills after becoming stuck on a log.


(image: ABC)

A large crew of SES, MFS and Ambos were called to the Castambul River near Gorge Road to pull the two men and a woman in their 20s to safety.

Residents are being urged not to take risks near rushing water as it may contain debris.


The RAA says they had a record number of insurance claims in a single day on Tuesday thanks to the storm damage.

More than 890 are being processed.