Posted: 4 October, 2016 by @clairesherwood_

Aussies Arrested In Malaysia After Stripping Down Following Dan Ricciardo's F1 Win

Pic credit: Twitter/Nik Asyraaf

A group of nine Aussies have landed themselves behind bars in Malaysia, after drunken celebrations of Daniel Ricciardo's Sepang Formula 1 Grand Prix win.. 

The guys, all in their 20s, allegedly stripped down to some speedos decorated in the Malaysian flag while hoisting the Aussie flag into the air. 

Photos on social media show them cheering - apparently shouting "Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi" - and doing shoeies before being arrested. 

Fellow Aussies in the crowd say no one.. except Malaysian authorities..was offended. 

They've been warned they'll spend four nights in jail before they'll likely be fined and deported. 

DFAT is working with the men, providing consular assistance. 

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