Posted: 7 October, 2016 by News

How Doughnuts Could Be The Answer To Your Job Woes

A San Fancisco-based marketing professional has just found the best way to make his CV stand out.

When Lukas Yla found himself in need of a job he conjured up a genius ploy to sell himself to employers - and it included everyone’s favourite sugary treats.

The 25 year-old from Lithuania decided to combine his written skill set with doughnuts – and then posed as a delivery person to hand deliver the parcels to recruiters. Genius right? 

Yla told Thrillist he was looking for a direct way to reach company decision makers.

"I thought, that I might fail competing only on 'resume' level with other candidates that have work experience in San Francisco," he said.

However, his plan worked and he secured 10 job interviews.

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