Posted: 25 October, 2016 by News

Friends & Family Pay Tribute To Melbourne Balcony Fall Victim

Friends and family are paying tribute to a Melbourne woman who fell to her death this weekend. 

Chantelle Klasema, 29, was found deceased after plummeting from a third floor balcony in Collingwood on Saturday morning, police told 

Ms Klasema and another man fell from the third flood balcony just before 11.30 am.  Neighbours say the balcony had a relatively low railing.

According to Seven, on this occasion one of the pair may have overbalanced and reached out to the other, pulling them both over.

They both fell to the car park below. The 35-year-old man is in hospital in a stable condition. 

On Sunday, police said they were not treating the 29-year-old’s death as suspicious.

Ms Klasema friends and family have taken to social media to remember her.

Image: Facebook

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