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Parents Are Really Angry About This Bassinet That Rocks Babies To Sleep

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A new “smart” bassinet that rocks babies to sleep has been met with a very mixed response from parents.

The Snoo Smart Sleeper ($AU1455) helps parents to get their babies to sleep. The bassinet has microphones attached that can sense when a baby is crying or fidgeting. It responds by playing white noise and gently rocks the baby back to sleep so parents don’t have to get up during the night.

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But while the product has received a lot of positive press, not everyone is excited about it.

“This device is not empowering or educating parents, and it’s not helping with the crucial bonding process during the first few weeks and months of being a parent,” Jen Hamilton, parenting expert and creator of WOTBaby told 

“When babies are little, crying is nature’s way of helping with that bonding process. It’s nature’s way of getting needs met, and what worries me is that this bassinet will hinder the parents’ development of maternal and paternal instincts.”

Comments on Facebook were mixed, with some parents praising the technologically advanced crib.

“Good job guys! This looks amazing,” one user wrote.

But others weren’t so convinced. 

“How creepy. Poor babe looks like it's strapped down in an institution. I'd love to see how parents transition babe to a new bed when it out grows this,” one said. 

“Babies cry to communicate. Shutting them up by strapping them down isn't the answer and doesn't meet their needs. I don't understand how this improves the wellbeing for both it only leads to an early disconnect between them,” another wrote.

The bassinet is only available in the US at this time. 

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