Posted: 24 October, 2016

Elizabeth Shopping Centre Bomb Threat: What REALLY Happened

We chat with SA POLICE to find out what actually went down.

After worrying reports this weekend of two potential bomb threats in two different locations, we spoke with Senior Constable Kimberley Broad from SA Police to understand what really happened.

"About 3:40pm on Saturday, Police were speaking to a man just outside the Elizabeth City Centre, as he was in possession of knuckle dusters. Police searched a backpack he was carrying, and located a homemade firearm and a homemade explosive device. 

We do come across some now and again. 

Our main focus at this time was the explosive device. So we’ve isolated the area and also the shopping centre was evacuated just before 5pm. We’ve then called some officers from the explosives coordinations section who attended the scene and did examine that device and it was just after 7:30pm that it was rendered safe.

A 39 man from Elizabeth Grove was arrested and charged with firearms and explosives devices as well as possessing prohibited weapons."

Do we know about his motive, was there anyone he was trying to target? 

"All of those things are still being investigated, and something that will come out today."

Bomb scare at the 36ers game - what’s happening at the moment?!

"It doesn’t appear that the two are related. The one at Titanium Stadium was a threat made over the phone.

Security and police did search the arena there, and did not locate anything."

Listen to the whole chat here:


We thank SA Police for everything they do in keeping our city and state safe!

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