Posted: 14 October, 2016 by Sohan Judge

Warning: The Sydney Clown Craze Just Got A LOT Stranger

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The creepy clown craze has been taking over the country throughout the past week, and the whole phenomenon just got a LOT weirder.

NSW police have been alerted of a creepy gathering of clowns at North Narrabeen’s Deep Creek Reserve, the site of TWO murders. The meeting is expected to take place tonight, and police are set to patrol the area.

It’s all come from a Facebook group claiming to have “information regarding an apparent massive clown event.” Apparently one of the clown commenters added, “no joke, we are going in with weapons.”

Naturally, police are worried this will go too far. Northern Beaches duty officer Inspector Luke Arthurs said “we’ll be there to greet them and if they commit an offence, they can expect legal action… it is against the law to intimidate members of the public.”

Back in 1994, Richard Leonard murdered two men at the reserve. According to The Manly Daily, the victim was shot and dumped in the creek, before Leonard returned a few hours later to dismember him. He then kept the body parts in his fridge for months.

If you’ve got a clown phobia, it might be best to avoid Deep Creek Reserve in North Narrabeen tonight.

Image: Clown Purge Sydney / Facebook

Tags: Sydney, clown, craze, creepy, gathering

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