Posted: 1 November, 2016

7 Of The Most Hilarious Horse Racing Fails

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What better day to look at the best horse racing fails then the greatest race day of all, the Melbourne Cup?

Jockey Mistakes Where The Finish Line Is

jockey mistakes winning post

cost me ££££££

Loose Bloke Tries To Win A Horse Race... On Foot

Man runs onto track and tries to race horses - At The Races

An unbelievable moment from At The Races as one spectator gets on to the course to be a part of the evening's racing at Leicester. Subscribe to Sky Sports Official for the best videos from Sky Sports! About Sky Sports Official: Sky Sports Official is the home of Sky Sports on YouTube, bringing you the best sports videos from around the world.

Race Caller Loses His Voice Mid Race

Horse Racing commentator loses his voice

Harness Horse Racing commentator Jimmy Jacques loses his voice while commentating Race 8 at Globe Derby Park.

My Wife Know's Everything vs My Wife Doesn't Know

My Wife knows everything versus My Wife knows nothing

Announcer Larry Collmus calls the 7th at Monmouth Park Check out this youtube featured video:

Streaker Faceplants Over The Finish Line

Streaker at a horse race

Some idiot who was at his bachelor party decides to strip and run along the course as the horses are racing.

Caller Forgets The Name Of The Horse

Major Horse Raing Commentator Fail

What happens when a horse racing commentator can't remember what's he doing.

The Best Of The Horse Racing Bloopers

Horsing Around - Racing Bloopers.mp4

Here's a bit of fun, set to C&W soundtrack. Came off a race night DVD. What can go wrong in horse racing? Watch this and find out. Good fun.

Tags: Melbourne, Cup, horse, racing, fail

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