Posted: 17 November, 2016 by Emma Charlton

A Blow For Supporters Of Voluntary Euthanasia

The Death By Dignity bill has been knocked out during an overnight sitting of State Parliament.. by a single vote.

The Speaker's decision came after five hours of debating.

Locked at 23-23 in a conscience vote by MPs, Michael Atkinson decided at 4am the 'nos' have it.

He's a member of Labor's powerful conservative Right faction.

It followed an historic 27-19 vote in the House of Assembly to push ahead with the debate last night.

It was the 15th attempt put to State Parliament to change the law to allow assisted dying in SA.

It's understood every line of the legislation was debated but some MPs feared the potential for misuse or coercion of vulnerable people to request euthanasia were too strong.

The law changes would've allowed terminally ill people to request voluntary euthanasia in certain circumstances.

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