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Bad News South Australia: We’re About To Experience More Heatwaves And Bushfires

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Scientists have warned that more extreme heatwaves and bushfires are expected to hit South Australia this century.

A team of scientists from the University of Adelaide published their findings in the International Climate Change Journal this week. They show a clear trend towards more extreme temperatures but less clarity around storms, wind and rain.

The researchers warn that these serious conditions will become the “new normal” in South Australia.

“We are performing an experiment on the planet that’s really been unprecedented,” Special issue editor Associate Professor Seth Westra, Head of the Intelligent Water Decisions group at the University of Adelaide said.

“The instrumental records of what’s happened in the past might not really apply in the future, because everything is changing.”

Professor Westra said that heatwaves and bushfires would increase in the future.

The scientists said the topic required a national collaborative effort. 

Tags: south australia

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