Posted: 10 November, 2016

Hillary Clinton Actually Got More Votes Than Trump

Donald Trump might have taken out the US Presidency but Hillary Clinton actually received more votes.

Clinton lost the electoral college tally by 24 votes but won the overall votes cast – taking 47.7% of total votes, compared to Trump’s 47.5%. According to the CNN's tally. 

If Clinton hangs on she would be the first presidential candidate since Al Gore in 2000 to win he popular vote but lose the election. It's predicted the will take out the popular vote by a slim margin of about 220,000.

Three other candiates, Andrew Jackson, Samuel Tildenand Grover Cleaveland have won the popular vote and lost the election.

Voter Turnout Drops To Near 50%

Almost half of eligible Americans didn’t cast a vote in the 2016 presidential elections.

Approximately 124 million people cast votes in this week’s ballot – meaning round 49% of Americans didn’t vote. 


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