Posted: 9 November, 2016 by @Nikki_Markovics

Tantrums After Toblerone Turns Tiny

Makers take a bite out of triangle treat

The makers of Toblerone chocolate are doing an Allen's Killer Python and Cadbury's Dairy Milk on us.

They're taking a bite out of their popular triangle treat, widening the spaces between the choccy chunks - meaning LESS CHOCOLATE!

Fans of the Swiss treat are up in arms though, saying size matters!

Manufacturer Mondelez International has confirmed it will shave off about 10 per cent of the product seeing it drop from 170 grams to about 150 grams, but, they will still charge consumers the same price.

For us Aussies, the chocolate change is not expected to be seen on our shores - we're being reassured it will only affect the UK.

Toblerone supersized bars - often sold in airports - will also shrink from a 400 gram product to 360 grams globally, but still carry the same price tag.

The makers are blaming a spike in production costs but consumers have been quick to rubbish the company on Facebook:

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