Posted: 26 October, 2016

Ash London Dishes CRAZY DIRT On Ex Co-Host Angus!

Ash London, ex co-host and “ex-wife” to our new breaky announcer Angus called the show to tell Cat & Amos what he’s really like to work with…

Here’s just a bit of how the line of questioning went down: 

  1. Has he hooked up with guests? YES, Emmelyn from GRL, among others that are not to be named

  2. What’s happened to Angus’ bowel movements since going vego? Not a solid poo in a year 

  3. After Ash broke up with long term boyfriend what did Angus offer Ash? He offered her his super sperm

And if Ash and Angus had a son – they’d name him Jimmy Courageous - cute!

Don’t miss Ash’s new show – Ash London Live – 8-11pm on hit107.

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