Posted: 18 October, 2016

How blogging about a quickie with her hubby shot Constance Hall to fame!

Who would have thought blogging about a three-minute shag with her husband would result in the global mummy blogger fame? Well that’s the case for internet phenomenon Constance Hall.

She’s been embraced by women world over for the way she disrupts how women are represented, and she caught up with Cat & Amos to tell how she gets likes to get back at her husband after an argument. When they fight she likes to tell her 960,000 girlfriends online what a dick he’s being! 

Take a listen:


Of her brood of five, some are loving their new found fame and being recognized by name. But she also tells the show that of her twins, that she’s more than happy to love them from afar as they are so hard!

Catch more of her honest comments this Thursday at her book launch at The Holdy Hotel, 83 Brighton Road, Glenelg South, 6pm, FREE, but grab yourself a copy of Like a Queen when you’re there!



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