Posted: 2 November, 2016

Kerrin's Response To What He Was Going to Spend His $300k Prize Money On Is Priceless

An EPIC win by Almandin and SA's very own Kerrin McEvoy yesterday at the Melbourne Cup and he caught up with Amos, Cat & Angus this morning!

Amos asked, what’s the difference between winning this one, and the first one you won in 2000?

Kerrin: This one is MUCH sweeter. You realise just how hard it is to win, so yesterday was a pretty special day.

I was pretty confident, I usually don’t get like that before a big race.

The trainer mapped out a good plan. Everything was pulling towards him, you go in there confident. 

Angus: Am I right in saying… You can’t bet on the race? 

That’s right, you can’t bet as a jockey.

Trainers get 10%, jockeys get 5% (of the winnings).

What are you going to do with $300,000??

Kerrin: Is it 300,000? I haven’t even looked at it yet!!


Listen to the whole chat here with Amos, Cat & Angus:

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