Posted: 24 October, 2016

Matt Reveals The WORST Thing About Being On Survivor Australia

This is totally freaky.

Of all the challenges in Survivor – no food, no sleep, and the physical and mental games he endured, SA contestant Matt Tarrant revealed said the worst part of the show:

They drive all the way there, in blacked out vans.

They weren’t allowed to talk for over three hours and were blindfolded! Freaky.


Amos, Cat and Angus were surprised by this but Cat was most concerned about if he was given sunscreen? He assured her if he wasn’t given sunscreen he would’ve died day one!

Even though he made the top five, Matt admits he was crap at the game – given his claims to be a mentalist he copped a bit of flak for not knowing what was going on and consistently voting with his alliance. 

With his Fringe show returning, he thinks he may try include some sand and coconuts... one to book Survivor fans?! 


Don’t miss Survivor, tonight and the finale tomorrow night 7.30pm on Ten.

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