Posted: 2 November, 2016

Why Has Zoe Foster Blake Been Creepy on The Wrong Girl Set?

She said she was a super creep on set!

Zoe Foster Blake, amazing author, beauty extraordinaire, and Hamish Blake’s better half joined Amos, Cat & Angus this morning to talk about her cameo on tonight’s episode of The Wrong Girl.

She said she was a super creep on set touching the props thinking this show came from my brain!

Zoe said she was shitting her pants though acting with the likes of Jess Marais, although she was less nervous about acting with husband Hamish who she declared was the biggest diva on set, demanding to speak to the author all the time. 

Cat reveals her girl crush on Jess Marais, while (like everyone on this planet), Amos, Cat & Angus are also in LOVE with Zoe and Hamish’s child Sonny – Amos says he and his girlfriend have even adopted Sonny lines into their daily vocab! 

Listen to the full chat here: 


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