Posted: 28 October, 2016

Concerned Mother Shares Dreamworld Safety Experience

"It's just kids running these rides"

Rove and Sam spoke with a concerned mother by the name of Alicia, who complained to Dreamworld with safety concerns just weeks before this week's tragedy.

Alicia was riding the log ride with her family, when her young son almost exited the ride prematurely whilst still at a great height.

"There's no seatbelts, no safety harness, there's just a bar in front of you to hold on to and you press your feet against the floor to not fall out." Alicia told Rove and Sam "I said to my mother afterwards that there's just a matter of time before someone loses their life on one of these rides because there was nothing in that ride to restrain you whatsoever."

"You raise a good point about safety, Alicia." Rove responded "A lot of the people in charge of safety and in charge of these rides are teenagers on their weekend job."

"What emergency procedures are in place? Have they covered all of the scenarios of when things go wrong?" Alicia added.


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