Posted: 31 October, 2016

Rove and Sam's Terrifying Ghost Tour

"I don't even want to be here!"

Just in time for Halloween, Rove and Sam plucked up the courage to take on Australia's number 1 most haunted place: The Manly Quarantine Station.

For an extra bit of fun, they dragged along the easy to scare Newsreader Amy Goggins to see how her nerves would take the experience. Spoilers: She didn't take it very well.

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Tour guide Deborah took them to the creepiest haunts around the station, including the old hospital, the morgue, a grave digger's cabin and the scariest place of all, the shower block.

"There's a ghost we call the man in the coat that haunts the end of the shower block" Deborah revealed "People get a very uneasy feeling when they're down that end and he's been known to grab people and shove them into a shower stall."

Deborah also revealed that each of the tour guides have had their own experiences at the station. "I actually didn't tell this story while we were in the morgue, because it scares me so much." she said "But one of the other guides was in there alone fixing up the mannequin on the slab, when she heard a man's laugh behind her, when she turned around there wasn't anyone there."

"She ran all the way back to reception in tears and refuses to ever go back in there."

Check out the Manly Q Station Ghost Tours for yourself, by booking on their website.


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