Posted: 11 October, 2016

Survivor Brooke Reveals She Hasn't Quite Forgiven Flick

"There's been a lot of apology messages."

After being blindsided by her island best friend Flick, Brooke saw her time on Survivor Australia come to a shocking end. But months after shooting the television series, have the two managed to mend their friendship?

"There have been a lot of text messages coming my way apologizing since we got home" Brooke told Rove and Sam "I was definitely a bit shocked and cut up about it for a while."

Rove and Sam asked if Brooke had forgiven Flick for double crossing her on the island and assisting with knocking her out of the game.

"I have about 70% forgiven her" Brooke revealed. "There's been a lot of apologies and she said she wasn't sure she had made the right decision."

"We did see eachother at one of the Survivor Shoots and our catch up wasn't as peachy as we thought it would be."

Brooke also weighed in on the Elle and Lee's romantic situation. "I've been rooting for them since day 1!"

Check out the full chat in the video.

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