Posted: 8 November, 2016

The Plebiscite Block Could Actually Be Worse For Marriage Equality In Australia

Overnight, news broke that now the Plebscite is officially blocked after failing to pass the Senate in a 33-29 vote, but this could be another round of bad news for same-sex couples.



The Australian government insisted a plebiscite is the only viable path to same-sex marriage in this term of parliament. With the Plebiscite block, there is now the possibility of no movement on marriage equality until after the next election in 2019.

"Here we are pointing fingers at the Americans, making fun that they could have Donald Trump as president" Rove said "But at least they have same sex marriage from a leader who had the balls to stand up and say 'no, this is wrong, this is backwards, this is how it has to be.' And to think it wouldn't even be changed until the next election in 2019.."

"Quite seriously, as a nation, pull your head in." Rove continued.

"People can marry their first cousins in Australia!" Sam responded. "You can LEGALLY marry your first cousin, but you're not allowed to marry the same sex. It's a joke."

image: Getty Images

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